Mold manufacturing process

We have an experienced and skilled team of excellent engineers, from product development to design, mold design to production, all independently evaluated in the company.

Use Pro-E, UG, AutoCAD and Solidworks software to design and improve product and mold design schemes, and use advanced and complete high-precision equipment to manufacture accurate dimensions, smooth surfaces, reasonable structures, high production efficiency, and easy automation for customers at home and abroad , High life and low cost mold.

We can also produce export molds for overseas customers. The mold design is designed based on the customer's production machine. After the mold production is completed, we first perform the mold test and product measurement. After the customer's requirements are met, the mold is directly delivered to overseas regions Mass production.

Follow-up to provide technical support and maintenance for customers' production molds.

Hollow blow molding

Our blow molding process is extrusion blow molding. After the blank is extruded, it hangs in the mold below the machine head. After the blank reaches the specified length, the mold is closed immediately. The blank is bulged and tightly attached to the mold to form. After the product is cooled and shaped in the cavity, the mold is opened and the product is taken out.

Hollow blow molding technology continues to develop with the advancement of various technologies such as the plastics industry and machinery manufacturing. In product design, mold design, and optimization of the production process, continuous integration of modern design thinking, our engineering and technical personnel will make full use of advanced The design concept, combined with human experience, improves the efficiency of all aspects of product design and manufacturing, thereby improving the quality and market competitiveness of blow molded products.

Double-die hollow blow molding

For general single-die blow molding machines, it takes time to cool and shape the products in the mold, resulting in the machine's production capacity not being fully utilized, and the production cost will naturally rise.

Adopt dual-die blow molding. By increasing the extrusion amount of the blank, the product at one station can be used in conjunction with another station to perform mold removal and mold clamping while cooling, so as to use the working time of the equipment reasonably. To increase product output, not only can make full use of equipment production capacity, but also increase output without reducing product quality.

Our company has a dual-die blow molding machine, which can not only meet the single-layer products of general hollow molding, but also produce multilayer blow-molded products with special requirements, which can meet the requirements of special products or industries (such as: Pesticide box, etc.). Products that can be produced by dual die blow molding machines are: oil cans, mechanical water tanks, etc.

Injection process

Injection molding is a very traditional process. It has the ability to mold plastic products with complex shapes, precise dimensions or inserts at one time, and is widely used in various industries.

Our company is equipped with injection machines with different power from 90 tons to 600 tons, equipped with robotic automatic operation system, and gas-assisted injection molding system. From product design, mold manufacturing, to mass production and assembly, all are completed in the factory. Production of various parts to match the composition of the blown finished product, including toys, packaging kits, and blister packaging, all achieve the advantage of one-stop service.

Silk screen

This process has the advantages of large batches, cheap prices, bright colors, strong adhesion, fast delivery, etc. It is widely used in the trademark identification of various finished products. On the basis of quality assurance, the cost-effective payment is exchanged for high efficiency returns.

2: Production fixtures, check fixtures, automated production equipment manufacturing

The production and processing automation production line realizes the automation of the manufacturing process and adopts integrated processing technology, which is suitable for loading and unloading of the production line, workpiece turnover, workpiece rotation, etc. At the same time, its high-precision clamping and positioning tool system provides a standard interface for robot automated processing To ensure the consistency of high-precision, batch products.